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Art & Creative Media offers all kinds of printing services in Kuala Lumpur, whether it is bunting, banners, flyers, or posters, we have it all here for you. Art & Creative Media is one of the recommended agencies when it comes to digital printing in Malaysia.As a leading digital printing company in Malaysia, we provide comprehensive advertising solution, covering from the stage of designing, printing, to distributing or installing. The digital printing services that we provide includes bunting, banner, giant banner, uv canvas, roll-up bunting, poster, decorative wall-sticker,custom made-sticker, billboard advertising, display stand, flyer distribution service, magazine and many other goods. Having all the services under one roof, we aim to provide a sense of convenience to our customers.

Billboard Advertising Malaysia - Art Creative Media
  • Billboard Advertising Malaysia

    Billboard advertisements can be seen all along the highways in Malaysia as it is a very common form of advertising in the local market. Art & Creative Media is one of the agencies that provide billboard advertising in Malaysia for companies to promote their products and services. Aside from that, we offer all types of digital printing in Malaysia as well such as banner printing, poster printing, flyer printing services and the like.

    Billboard advertising in Malaysia are usually placed beside roads and highways where drivers and passengers are able to see them whenever they pass by. Billboard advertising in Malaysia works as a reminder for people who drive through the same routes every day. There is no way to ignore the advertisement, as people commute to work everyday, thus it works as repetitive marketing because it never leaves the space where it is visible to daily commuters. Additionally, your audience may be reminded of your product or service that they actually need after seeing your billboard advertisement, causing them to pay a visit to the nearest store for a purchase.

    As a company that excels in digital printing in Malaysia, Art & Creative Media has all the right people such as designers and marketers to help you put together an effective advertising campaign using billboards. Digital printing in Malaysia is capable of gaining high return on investment (ROI) for your business despite the rise of digital marketing.